Whether shopping for glasses in an eyeglass shop, or doing it online; most of us tend to remain confused about which pair of glasses will be the best for us. We change our decisions either considering the price, shape, or something else.


Although, sometimes we do find a pair, but then a couple of months later; it’s not what we want to wear.

 Don’t you think it would have been better if we had a definite idea as to what would look good on our faces? If we knew that, we would no longer spend money and time buying glasses which we weren’t going to be wearing for a very long time.

 Knowing your perfect pair in eyewear is actually possible; it is possible when you spend sometime in researching about the size, shape and color of your face. You also need to know what’s in fashion these days to choose a fashionable eyewear. If you do this preparation before going shopping for eyeglasses, you will have a much better time at the eyewear shop, or on the eyewear website where you are purchasing your eyeglasses from.

When it comes to prescription glasses, some people like to be their own eye doctor. They go out shopping for glasses and choose one-size-fits-all type of glasses for themselves. Although, it’s true that these types of glasses work on some people for sometime, but there are still some vision related imperfections which these glasses cannot correct. For example, if you have different prescription for your left and your right eye, you cannot go for these glasses. This is why it is very important to visit an eye doctor before buying prescription eyeglasses.

Some people who do not want to spend too much money on their eyewear tend to go for prescription eyeglasses which turn into sunglasses after coming in contact with the sunlight. If you are interested in those types of glasses, you need to find the glasses which have photochromic lenses. These lenses become darker when they come in contact with the UV rays of the sun.

One thing which worries most people; whether they are buying eyeglasses to correct their vision, or to make a fashion statement is how expensive eyewear can be. Therefore, most of the people would like their eyewear to last longer than it usually does. Well, you can actually prolong the life of your lenses if you do your shopping for glasses very carefully. Going for trendy eyeglasses might not be the right choice when you do not want to spend too much money on your eyewear; however, if you are still thinking about the fashion, you can choose the stylish frames which you think will remain in style for a few years to come. You don’t really need to buy new frames when your prescription changes; fitting the new lenses in the old frames can be a great way to save even more money on the eyewear.

Gaining all this knowledge before going out shopping for eyeglasses will help you, as now you no longer need to undergo the process of trial and error which could have been a very exhausting experience for you.

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Shades are essential parts of a man’s wardrobe. Men wear sunglasses when they go out to have fun, enjoy and party with the fellow members or partners. Glasses for men are more than just eyewear. It is a fashion statement.

2012-Fashion-lovely-simple-Brand-Designer-Eyeglasses-Glasses-Frame-Women-Eyewear-Clear-Lens-Reading-Glasses-WholesaleSince the spring has already arrived, the sun is now out often during the day. The time to wear sunglasses has begun. Men start wearing sunglasses not only to protect their eyes from the sun but also to show off their style. However, glasses for men just don’t fit all personalities. There is the right pair of sunglasses for every man and it all depends on the shape of his face.

        Sunglasses speak a lot about a man’s personality. Glasses for men can often tell you what kind of a person he is. That is why sunglasses are designed with different styles and shapes. Each style and shape has its own unique personality just like every man who wears it.

        It has always been known that sunglasses make a man look cool. Just imagine how astonishing the actors who played the role of the infamous British spy appeared before the camera. Glasses for men are essential tools for attracting women. It is the pair of sunglasses that made James Bond handsome.

        Celebrity men wear sunglasses whenever they have to go out to public events like the Oscars, Grammy’s or any award ceremonies. There plenty of reasons why actors wear sunglasses. One of them is protection from the glare of camera lights from the paparazzi. But for the unsuspecting audience, these glasses for men worn by male celebrities on awards night are nothing but a fashion statement that they can imitate.

        Branded glasses for men can really increase a man’s morale when it is known to have been worn by famous people. Well, I guess Benji Frank would be an exception since it is the brand that started the sunglasses industry in America. This brand has always been the people’s choice when it comes to glasses for men.

        Regardless of their brand, the real purpose for sunglasses is eye protection. It all started when air force pilots started complaining of the blinding of the sun when they are flying their craft in the air. This complaint gave birth to Benji Frank sunglass sunglasses. But just like prescription glasses, the astonishing of these glasses for men on the aviators appealed to the fashion industry. Now all men wear sunglasses whenever they go outdoors.

        Sunglasses nowadays have become more than just a safety measure for aviators. Glasses for men now belong to the category of fashion accessories together with bags, belts and caps. Men wear sunglasses to enhance their personality.

        Men need to wear the right pair of sunglasses suitable for to the shape of their face. Glasses for men are designed with different sizes and shapes as men’s faces also have different shapes. Wearing the wrong shape of glasses for men may only cause them embarrassment instead of increasing their confidence. Just imagine the shocking appearance of Daniel Craig with his out-of-place 80’s style shades in the Oscar’s. That definitely became a subject for many criticisms. Sunglasses help a man boost his morale if he wears the right kind of glasses which would make him look good to people.

Author*Bio: Benji Frank offers you the option to try glasses even at home. We’ll help you in the selection of designer frames and eyeglasses which are not only best for you, but within your budget too.

Women eyeglasses have become more of a fashion trend than a visual aid nowadays. Just as there are many different styles of shoes for women, women eyeglasses also come in different styles and colors. Each style of women eyeglasses reflects a different personality. You would want to pick up the right style of women eyeglasses that best fit your character.2012-Fashion-lovely-simple-Brand-Designer-Eyeglasses-Glasses-Frame-Women-Eyewear-Clear-Lens-Reading-Glasses-Wholesale

Wearing prescription eyeglasses for women greatly affects people’s perception of your identity.  There are prescription eyeglasses for women that would make you look sophisticated and smart. Others would make you look shabby and dull. It would be best to be careful in choosing the right style of women eyeglasses if you want to keep your confidence intact. There are a lot of different styles for women eyeglasses to choose from. It may take a while to pick the right one that best fits your personality. So let me give you some tips on how to choose the right style of women eyeglasses.

When choosing a style of prescription eyeglasses for women, you need to consider different aspects of your life. Some forms of women eyeglasses are designed according to the activities that women do. There are different styles of women eyeglasses for different occasions. One style is good for cocktail parties while another is good for sports and the outdoors. More styles of prescription eyeglasses for women are available for different purposes. You may want to have more than one pair of prescription eyeglasses to suit your lifestyle.

It is indeed very difficult to find the right prescription eyeglasses for women if you have a wide variety of styles to choose from. A practical suggestion is to consider the size, color and shape of the frame of these women eyeglasses. Find out which one fits your personality best.If your eyes are quite sensitive to bright light, then you might want to consider getting women sunwear. This style is definitely good for use when you are usually outdoors. It can protect your eyes from the rays of the sun.

Some prescription eyeglasses for women possess the same features as women sunwear. These are called transition eyeglasses. It combines the functionality of regular prescription eyeglasses for women and women sunwear. If you are thrifty with your money, you would prefer getting transition eyeglasses than having two pairs of women eyeglasses. Transition eyeglasses are a little bit more expensive than regular prescription eyeglasses.

The key to finding the right women eyeglasses is in the eyeglass frames. Whether you have transition eyeglasses or women sunwear, the style of women eyeglasses is always laid on the frames. Choose the frame that matches your personality and lifestyle.

The eye is an essential part of a person’s face that distinguishes that person from another. Some people even use eyeglasses to disguise themselves. Women should carefully choose the right style of women eyeglasses if they want to enhance their image towards other people. The style of prescription eyeglasses for women greatly affects people’s impression on the woman who wears such style of women eyeglasses.



Benji Frank is expecting to have a great year in 2013, so we’d like to take a second to feature a couple of our hot eyeglasses! These are the latest frames that Benji Frank has brought to you, and you told us which ones you loved the most. By far the three most popular frames, as chosen by our Facebook fans were… (drum roll please)…the Buchanan, the Harding, and the Hoover frames!

The Buchanan frames are like the essence of fun, they are sleek and stylish but mixed with a little splash of color to bring out the color in your eyes. These frames are sure to not only compliment your eyes, as if that wasn’t enough, but they also compliment many face shapes. They’re sure to make you feel not only trendy but comfortable!

Next up, the Harding frames are a sharp contrast to the previous frames. These frames may not have that little dash of color, but they have something a little different. These frames a little bit smaller and the color of the frames really accentuates your cheekbones. If you’re going for that cute and intelligent look, then you’ll definitely want to try these frames out!

Last, but surely not least, we’d like to feature the Hoover frames. These frames also have a fun dash of color that will add a fun little spice to your wardrobe. With these frames on, you may notice a few sparkles in your eyes that you never quite saw before. That’s because these frames allow for all the natural shine in your eyes to take the stage and really make an appearance. All you need to do is compliment them with a smile!

If your favorites didn’t make the list this time, then let us know! Take a picture with your favorite Benji Frank prescription glasses and post it on our Facebook page to show them off. Who knows, you could start a new trend around here!

It’s definitely time to buy some new glasses, don’t you think? The pair you’re wearing now are still good, but they just don’t have the special pop anymore. When you first tried them on, you felt great, but now the burn is dying down and it’s time to bring in a pair that are fresh and new. Benji Frank would love to help you find the next pair of glasses that will put back the sparkle in your eyes.

The ladies got the first call out last time, so let’s reach out to the guys this time. Shopping for glasses as a guy is a much different process than what women go through. Guys are also looking for a pair of glasses that are stylish, but they are also looking for something that makes them look refined; let’s just imagine James Bond in glasses and go from there. Luckily, we’ve got what you’re looking for and much more in our men’s eyeglasses department. Just in case you need a little help, you don’t have to admit it and we won’t tell anyone we swear, we have a few guidelines to help you through. You can search by color, frame width, and face shape; but you can also shop around as well.

The ladies of Benji Frank already know about the stylish women’s eyeglasses department! They were quick to notice our wide variety of frame types and styles and have been having a great time trying on every pair they possibly could! Don’t worry guys, you can get in on the fun as well by taking advantage of our free in-home try on program, the Try 5 program. But wait, the fun doesn’t stop just there. Be sure to check out our wide variety of sunwear before you check out. It’s just not enough to look stylish in the office, you have to also look stylish out in the sun as well!